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Did you know, Rengar can teleport out of a bush to a minion/turret/ward not in a bush and still use his passive auto-attack jump within a second?

Did you know, Aatrox's facing direction is technically the direction he's moving not the position his model is in? So, an Aatrox can E backwards and instantly dodge a Cassiopeia Ultimate. This also applies to the direction Aatrox Q's in, if he doesn't move, he is still technically facing the last direction he moved.

Did you know, Aatrox's E, "Umbral Dash", used hold two charges and when cast would give him an attack damage bonus?

Did you know, Aatrox's Ultimate used to have a revive after completely stacking his passive? After his rework, it was then moved to his ultimate where if he died during his ultimate duration it would revive him, and he could move during the revive animation. That was later removed and Aatrox could only revive after getting one takedown during his ultimate. Currently, Aatrox cannot revive anymore, and his ultimate only gains a minor duration reset upon a takedown.

Did you know, Veigar's E and Anivia's W used to do 1 true damage?

Did you know, before the items were reworked, Rammus could achieve over 2000 armor?

Did you know, in season 1 of North American League of Legends, Voyboy, ended the Season rank 1?

Did you know, Corki, Veigar, Heimerdinger were originally not yordles? Teemo, however, was a freak.

Did you know, you can't killean the Zilean?

Did you know, Zilean and Volibear gain a buff that does +1 damage to each other? This is because the rioter that made Zilean swore to never allow an armored bear design into league, because he hated the design idea. This obviously, didn't work out (now Volibear's base design has no armor so he won the long con).

Did you know, there used to be physical rewards for reaching challenger, and it could open up a lot of opportunities for players? This stopped being as common once people figured out how to wintrade (primarily an issue in North America and China)

Did you know, Yasuo killed Yone due to Yone thinking Yasuo killed their master/father figure and hunted Yasuo down out of honor, however, Riven was to blame for their mentor's death because she had asked their mentor to destroy her wind sword, and a piece of debris of the sword killed him by accident, but she didn't tell anyone so when Yasuo disobeyed his orders to protect the mentor and went to fight noxians he ended up coming back and the elder was dead so everyone, including Yone, though he killed the elder so Yone tasked himself with stopping Yasuo but Yasuo was always superior to him at the technique of the windblade so he killed Yone instantly? Also, Yone is not undead, he actually came back to life.

Did you know, Part of Nautilus's former lore was given to Pyke?

Did you know, Blitzcrank is the only champion to have an auto reset that is double his base AD?

Did you know, Riot will give you extremely rare skins for special events, such as the 10th anniversary, when riot offers you free skins? Some people have gotten PAX twisted fate, Rusty Blitzcrank, Black Alistar, and King Rammus.

Did you know, Urgot and Zac are the only champions with complete and choreographed counter playable abilities? Every other champion has inferior design.

Did you know, Mordekaiser is one of the only ghosts who can reject Viego's Black mist?

Did you know, Aatrox killed pre-rework pantheon (which was a god controlling the body), and the current reworked pantheon is the original human who was in the body to begin with?

Did you know, The fountain obelisk can actually die? Only through console commands.

Did you know, A full stack-hp Cho'gath can survive a fountain laser for over 20 seconds?

Did you know, A full health-regeneration Dr. Mundo can survive the fountain laser for over 15 seconds?

Did you know, The Nexus Obelisk (fountain laser) in Nexus Blitz only does 450 damage a second as opposed to 1000 damage a second?

Did you know, Rammus is voiced by the same person who voiced Blitzcrank?

Did you know, Rammus has full voicelines in other countries?

Did you know, Rammus's French voice is the thing of nightmares?

Did you know, Teamfight Tactics actually is a relaxed good game?

Did you know, Averdrian is an unreleased champion with the title of the Smurf Abortion, and his Q's icon is used for the "Hand of Baron" Buff? (formerly the astral guardian?)

Did you know, The voice actor of (reworked) Gangplank and Shen also voiced McCree from Overwatch?

Did you know, The voice actor of Galio also voiced Roadhog from Overwatch?

Did you know, Draven, Jax, and Vel'koz share the same voiceactor?

Did you know, Shaco, pre-rework Ryze, pre-rework Mordekaiser, pre-rework Karthus, and Kassadin share the same voiceactor?

Did you know, Gragas dancing to "Bad Romance" is what fiddlesticks show's champions to fear them?

Did you know, the skin "Nunu bot" from pre-reworked Nunu was actually based off a video series made by "Angry Goran"?

Did you know, the creator of Wikipedia, Jimmy Whales or Wales, made Wikipedia as non-for-profit, and he also made Wikia (now known as FANDOM) as a for-profit?

Did you know, The Creator of the Binding of Isaac can't stop milking the series for money and the last 3 DLCS?

Did you know, Bitcoin was made with the intent of being used as a currency and not a stock?

Did you know, Space Station 13 is the only good game ever made?

Did you know, the LEGO set with the most pieces was one of Taj Mahal? It was usurped by a recreation of the Ultimate collector’s edition Millennium Falcon set, and finally that was beaten by a set of the Roman Colosseum which sits at 9,036 pieces?

Did you know, Instagram is owned by Facebook?

Did you know, Saitama from One Punch Man, is always going to be stronger than any other character introduced because he is the ultimate gag character in his universe?

Did you know, Nobody can deflect the Emerald Splash?

Did you know, Maplestory actually used to be the most played game in the entire world and still no one knows what game you're talking about when you mention it?

Did you know, Bionicle is the coolest children's toy ever made?

Did you know, Someone would have to be diabolically evil to make world-ending robot AIs?

Did you know, Fidget cubes came out before Fidget spinners?

Did you know, Van Darkholme was the boss of the gym after all?

Did you know, it's never too late to start taking care of your health, but you should start now or as soon as possible anyways?

Did you know, Dorsia has great sea urchin ceviche?

Did you know, Cecilia is having dinner with Evelyn Williams?

Did you know, That wonderful suit is Valentino Couture?

Did you know, Frittata, this is going into my collection of ignominious instances?

Did you know, Your compliment was sufficient, Louis?

Did you know, Pixelated Army Camouflage actually blends in with environments better than traditional and blob camouflage?

Did you know, The Nintendo Switch Controllers, Joycons, have defective joysticks that begin to drift after a while?

Did you know, The Dollar Stores around The United States of America used to sell glow sticks in the shape of guns? (well the glowstick was the barrel, and it fit into a plastic base shaped like a pistol handle)

Did you know, Team Fortress 2 took nine years in development hell to make a near-perfect multiplayer first-person-shooter?

Did you know, LEGO actually released a series of sets themed around The Hobbit and The Lord of the Ring?

Did you know, Cigarettes don't only contain nicotine but genuinely harmful substances like tar, yes, the same tar that is used to make asphalt and made of inorganic carbon?

Did you know, Water is clear, and ice is usually clear too if it's pure enough water, but snow is always white?

Did you know, There is are 6 LEGO Boba Fett minifigure made out of pure gold?

Did you know, There is 1 LEGO C3-PO minifigure made out of pure gold?

Did you know, The Creeper mob in Minecraft was originally the model of a pig just coded in the wrong position and they liked the model so much they made it into a monster?

Did you know, Tis but a flesh wound?

Did you know, It's only a scratch?